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1834 Ferguson Lane
Suite 700
Austin, Texas 78754

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*Home of Excellence is not optional, Its required*

First Class Automotive Detail is committed to providing the BEST and Most
Professional Automotive Detailing and Resurfacing service's found in the Austin Texas
Our mission and goals:
Our goals and mission at First Class Automotive Detail is to take any make,model,and year Auto-Truck or
Sport Utility Vehicle and use our knowledge,workmanship and the Best product's that are available today to
transform that vehicle back into the newest and cleanest vehicle that it can be. Just like it was before.
Your vehicle may only be a few months or perhaps 1 to 20 years old. It may also be a very needed form of
transportation for every day use or a collectors item.        

After awhile from being used it needs to be cleaned and revitalized on the Interior and Exterior.
It needs to be protected from all the elements that we put them threw.

All the elements from the weather and our highways and roads can and will take a toll on the exterior surface's
and the interior area's.

With our knowledge and workmanship we can take our detailing products we can clean away all the dirt
and environmental contaminants from your vehicle and resurface it back into a newer vehicle again.

The interior is no different than the exterior. Everyday use will get the floor mats,the carpeting,seats,storage
area's,cup holder's,door panels and many other area's dirty.
They all after awhile will need to be cleaned and protected from hot and cold weather. The direct sun lite and
heat that it causes can be terrible inside and out of your vehicle.
Those interior area's may be plastic,vinyl,leather.
They will all get dirty after awhile.

Everything we do is done by site and by hand to search out all the place's where dirt,spills,dust and pet hair will
collect after time.

Detailing your auto/truck or sport utility vehicle is a investment to keep it at it's best and cleanest state. Also to
keep it at it's highest value.

Every vehicle we do, we make it Personal and excellence is not an option.
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No two vehicle's condition's are the same.
Maybe your going to put your vehicle up for sale or trade.
A wise thing to do is have it Professionally detailed to maximize your selling price and
to get all the money you can for it.
With the economy the way it is and changing everyday it seems, Detailing that vehicle
is a very important and profitable tool.

Fleet or lease returns are just as important so you don't get charged by the Dealer or
Leasing company for extras that would of cost much less with a Detail.
Its an Investment that can't go wrong.  
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